Coir Bale

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Coconut fiber is 100 % natural product this is recyclable green products. Coir fibre is obtained from natural coconut husks. Most of coconut coir fiber is long 4 to 12 inches in long and they colored brown and white naturally.Brown coir can get from the matured coconut husk and white fiber taken from green husk. It is graded as

  • Mattress fibre
  • Mixed fibre
  • Omat fibre

Sri Lanka and India is the largest coconut fiber producer in the world and they produced more than 90% of coconut fiber in world market demand. There are so many countries which produce coconut fiber and Sri Lanka is well-recognized to produce the best coir in the world. It comes as a dry product. It is manufactured using modern technology to increase productivity and high quality. Bales are produced by compressing fibre into bales using plastic strapping. Each bale weighs approximately 120 – 125 kg

Different Uses of Coconut Fiber

  • For creating ropes by use of Coconut Fibrer.

    Coconut fibers are mainly used to create ropes. Since these types of coconut coir are natural and resist sea water, it’s widely used to accessories in boats and fishing nets. Most of these ropes are really tough
  • For creating Mattresses, Floor Mats and home product

    Coconut coir is widely used to create mattresses on house hold purposes. Unlike most syntactic mattresses coconut coir based mattresses gives some natural feeling. For mattress bristles of coir are widely used. Coconut fiber based mats are now much popular due to its unique quality and hard uses. It removes dust very efficiently.
  • Irrigation Industry

    Coconut fiber got excellent water holding quality so this uses to create some irrigation systems for irrigation agriculture purpose. Some low-grade coconut fiber is widely used in erosion control on river banks, irrigation and hill areas in large-scale.
  • Automobile sector

    Most of the high-quality coconut fiber is used to create vehicle seats. Most of the railways and buses seats are created by using best grade of coconut coir. Coconut fiber mixed with rubber latex to create rubberized coir to produce upholsters padding for the automobile sector.
  • Create Brushes

    Coconut coir is also used to create a brush and most of coir based brushes proved excellent performance compared with other syntactic brushes. In Most south Asian counties coconut coir is used to create brooms, by comparing with other fiber-based and plastic brooms, this provides excellent sweeping quality.