Grow Bag


Complete solution for the crops

Growbags have become a popular choice for multipurpose growing medium for vegetables, fruits & flowers. Our Sai Substrates growbags are 100% natural. Growbags are made up of a special blend of coir pith and chips, designed to provide the ideal air to water ratio for hydroponics.

Growbags are packed in high density, co-extruded plastic bags, which are UV treated at least a minimum of 2 years. Another advantage is that they are easy to transport before re-hydration and can be stocked for months as they are compressed dry.

Natural Pro

Natural Pro Grow Bags containt with 100% Cocopeat.Less than 1 mm fines removed. Fibers in the Cocopeat improve the water circulation in the substrate and give a better root colonization. We are using high quality Cocopeat which guarantees a maximum expansion when wateringand long term stability for the substrate. The slab has an air holding capacity of 20% volume at full water saturation made if fine coco material suitable for Tomato, Cucumber, Strawberry and flowers.

Classic Mix

Classic Mix growbags is made from a blend of 75% sieved cocopeat and 25% coco chips.Double sieved less than 1mm fine particles removed. Our Mix growbags are homogeneously mixed. It improves the root development of the crop and a quick start of the culture. Mix has high air content and ensures optimum Oxygen in the roots. It presents a higher air/water ratio. Super Mix is the perfect substrate for modern climate. It is adaptive, offering generative or vegetative growth according to climate and for cultivation management.

Supper Mix

Super Mix growbag is made from a blend of 30% sieved cocopeat and 70% coco chips/crush manufactured by slicing the entire coconut husks. Double sieved less than 1mm fine particles removed. It presents a high air/water ratio. Both products are mixed homogeneously to achieve the best possible filling. Super Mix is the perfect substrate for modern climates. Therefore it suits perfectly for growing cucumbers and roses, especially in hotter climate.