Coconut Husk Related Products

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    Cocopeat Briquettes

    Cocopeat Briquettes are small sized compressed Coco Peat. It is ideal for Home gardens, Horticulturalists, Greenhouse owners, Commercial nurseries or large, medium and small-scale growers.

    Products :High EC/ Low EC/Super Low EC/ Buffered Coir.
    Electrical Conductivity (1:1.5 Method) : Higher than 0.90 mS/cm Lower than 0.90 mS/cm Lower than 0.50 mS/cm
    Sieved : 6 mm ,8 mm ,6 mm & 0.5 mm, 12 mm & 0.5 mm
    Expansion : 10 Liters / Kg
    Weight : 650 Grams
    Weight : 8:1

    Pallet Packing : 2000 Briquettes arranged on a Pallet and Strapped and Stretch wrapped 20 Pallets per Container 40000 Pcs 25 to 26 MT in a 40 HC Container

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    Coco Peat Discs

    Coco Peat Discs are compressed coir pith made, especially for use in pots. Different sizes of discs are available to suit various pot sizes. Discs are also made with a hole in the middle to facilitate easy planting.

    Size : 12 dia x 3 thick and 15 dia x 4 thick EC Value : 2.50 ms/cm (Natural), <0.80 ms/cm (Washed), <0.50 ms/cm (Buffered) pH Value: 5.8 to 6.8
    Compression Ratio : 5:1
    Expandable Volume : 2.5 liters per Disc and 5.0 liters per Disc
    Package options: Naked pieces in carton boxes
    We can do different sizes of Disc according to the customer requirements.

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    Coir Pots

    Coco Fibre Pots are made from Coir Fibre with rubberized coating and has a good durability period of ten to twelve months. Coco Fibre pots are used alongside with Coco Disc as a regular growing medium for seedlings in nurseries. It is also used in indoor home garden and outdoor home garden.

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    Machine Twisted Fiber (FMT)

    Machine twisted fiber (FMT) is made with natural coir fiber. They are mainly used in rubberized form for automobile seats, spring cover sheets in the bedding industry, Filtering material in the drainage industry.